My experience

I have been working as a freelance translator since 2000. Since then, I have translated more than 8 million words.

Here is a list of some of the projects that I have completed during my years of translation work:


for tourist regions, travel guides, ticket sales companies, translation and proofreading agencies, software and hardware manufacturers, automotive companies, beer manufacturers, online language courses, online dating communities, non-profit organizations, online shops, artists, video conferencing companies, health care companies, hotspot providers, etc.


about poker, logo design, graphic design, fashion drawing, fashion design, figure poses and a "fashion bible", as well as travel guides for Budapest, Nepal, Greece (2009 and 2012 editions) and China (2009, 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2018 editions). Another translation project of mine was an illustrated book that lists and describes the UNESCO World Heritage sites (including an update for the 2010 edition). One of my favourite book translation projects so far was "So schmeckt Japan", a hard-cover issue with beautiful pictures and texts describing the culinary variety of Japan. I am also the author of a book about website localization with a focus on HTML and PHP (only available in German).

Software and hardware

notebook computers, desktop computers, monitors, film editing programs, image editing programs, word processing programs, translation programs, name card organization programs, backup and synchronization programs, etc.

Consumer electronics

MP3 players, Bluetooth phones, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth adapters, radio receivers, CD players, film projectors, amplifiers, mobile phones, electric pianos, navigation systems, audio/video receivers, remote control systems for go-karts, Ethernet adapters, CD drives, coffee pad machines, washing machines, sewing machines, etc.

Promotional materials

for IT companies, automotive manufacturers, airports, airlines, tourist offices, sweepstakes companies, toys for children, freight forwarding companies, fashion and style shows, high availability products, Wi-Fi products, adult products, luxury articles, etc.

Business materials

business letters, resumes, name cards, etc.


Clients' comments

Here is what some of my clients say:

"Stefanie delivered very high quality work for us and we are very satisfied. We will definitely come back for more translations!"
Aysan Huseyin, HTS Fashion LTD, United Kingdom

"Please note that the client is really happy with the quality. They asked me to contact you for all the future projects."
Almudena Lastra, CPSL, Spain

"Thanks for a VERY fast, VERY good job. (We like people like you.)"
Sandra Alboum, Alboum & Associates, USA

"Quality + Reliability + On-Time-Delivery[...]. We will continue to work with Stefanie..."
Rainer Slomma, Pro-Tran, Germany

"It is a pleasure working with you!"
Anja Seiffert, Kosmos S.r.l., Italy

"We are also very happy with your professionalism and responsiveness and would like to work with you again."
Fann Liew, IPP Worldwide, Singapore

"We worked with Stefanie within a major project; she was a very reliable and conscientious partner. We would work with her again any time."
Julian Löffler, Comtexto GbR, Germany

"Professional, positive, eager, in short a delight to work with. Oh, and a fine linguist!"
Wouter van den Berg,, Netherlands

"Ms. Sendelbach is a very competent and nice person. I love to work with her and, of course, I want to continue our prosperous cooperation! :)"
Gerd Mostegl, European Translation Service, Austria

Further comments from satisfied customers on my profile